Train your brain for a new Language.

2 min readFeb 9, 2021

Every day without knowing language at work or school or any place will be definitely a challenge for us.For example if you move to a new place you need to get adjusted for the climate,temperature,surroundings,food and not but the least language too.

In my opinion learning language is one of the way to get to know new place,new culture and it will really help us to understand peoples feelings,thoughts if we learn their language.Its just like learning a sign language and using a sign language to a dumb,deaf person.In this way you will understand dumb,deaf persons feelings and what he want to say,express..etc.I suppose Language is one of the bridge for communication and also used for exchangning of ones opinion.If I want to say in a easy way its a medium through which I can express my feelings.

My journey for learning five languages.

I can write,read and speak more than three languages.Being born in india we should know atleast two languages i.e a National Language ofcourse English too which was my Medium of Instruction at my School.I was lucky that I learnt both International Language,National Language and my mother tongue too.I had later moved to different places i.e different countries where I learnt different european languages.It was really difficult for me to learn the european languages in the starting.Even though its latin script the pronounciation was total different in regards to written language.It took me almost two years to learn the language both writing and Speaking.

How I learnt European Languages.

I started to listen remember and learn the words.By Listening you will learn how to pronounce .This way I learnt many words and my vocabulary became very good.I would suggest start with learning basic words then try for difficult words.Basic and easy words can be anything related to your daily life activity.Later on try to learn complex words and try to remember the synonyms too.Later on I jumped into learning grammar.Grammar was not so easy to learn .I should always remember inversion of the words with correct sentence formation.My first step for language practise started with using small words with my neighbour,friends at my office.This helped me a lot your brain just register the word if you use it repeatedly.I just followed this procedure and started writing with small sentences.

And later on to paras and later on writing small emails and letters to my colleagues.This writing helped a lot for practising my grammar.I later joined as a preschool teaching assistant for practising my language.This helped me a lot to get over the fear i had for practising the language.Later after three months at a Kindergarten I moved to a European tech company where I started practising my Language with my colleagues.This helped a lot to get new European friends and my network became big.I became more fluent with the language.The three simple ways of learning language is learn simple words,build vocabulary,practise sentences with correct grammar.This is the simple and easiest way to get hold on the language.I wish you Happy learning.

Nothing comes easy train your brain and brain does the rest of your work.




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