My frugal Living as a mother

2 min readFeb 19, 2022


Are you a mother and cant figure out how to spend and use your money.Please check this out for getting great tips from me.

Here you go

As a working mother I was one of the kind who used to spend lots of money on unnecassary baby things.I got my first child i bought lotsa stuff like baby crib,baby clothes,baby nest,Baby cradle,Baby diaper bag,Organic Baby toys..everythign i bought was organic and costed me almost the three times prices of non organic stuff.I spent just 4500 dollars before I delivered my first baby.The same happened when i had my second child.My mother was shocked about the expenditure i used for my second baby.

After I got my third child my mother decided to have all the things of my second child in her cellar and pass it to me when i gave birth to my third child.And when i came home from the hospital I had all the things ready at my home.My mother said that you know what you saved 4500 dollar now.My mother was at home and she prepared baby food for almost one month and stored in the freezer.And I used my second childs clothes for my third kid.I stopped my full time job and used to work part time to take care of kids.And stopped their after school care saved almost 250 dollars per kid(500 dollars) and had no babysitters at home and no ready made baby meals saved almost 200+ dollars.

I started working as a online consultant and had two part time online jobs.This made me feel that i had always cash flow and time for the kids.

Cashflow methods i used as a working mother

Babysitting for my colleagues.

Booking meetings for my colleagues.

buying food stuff for my colleagues when i used to buy for myself.

Was a mystery shopper during weekends when my husband was home.I used to get small amount.But still thiers a cash flow.

Buying things at a flea market.

Please always make food and freeze it in the freezer especially baby food.This helps you save lotsa money.

Dont make impulse shopping please..

Rented my sommer house.(AirBnb)

Rented my CAr.

Sold all my things which was just hibernating in my cabinet.

Not but not the least started youtubing.

I was always make a notes now and grocery list before I go for shopping.

The list also have what clothes should be bought for my kids and what i need to buy for them.

Always remember kids grow like mushrooms :) dont buy costly stuff buy it only if it is necessary.

Dont buy to have it buy it only if you need it.

Happy parenting.




I am a mother,Employee and I love writing.I am living with my family in Scandinavia.I would like to share my daily experiences and my stories through writing.