My corona journey in Scandinavia

2 min readFeb 19, 2022


It was few days before christmas and I was waiting for the christmas vacation from a long time.It was on 22 of december i was at work and I started feeling pain in the head and vomited like 3 times.Later was feeling extremely tired as if i just pushed a big truck.Then i went to my manager and said I am not feeling well and I just had 3 vomitings,my manager smiled and said congrats.Unfortunately theirs nothing like that i said and left office.

When I came home it was just like I was near to the death bed.Extreme fever,breathlessness,extreme fatigu,body pains and pain in the chest.No pain killers,no antibiotics helped me.I was in quarantine for almost 12 days.

How I recovered?

I am asthmatic and thyroid patient.My asthma got worsened during this quarantine period.I was drinking 5–6 ltrs of warm water everydays.Loads of nuts,fruits,lean meat,fish,Vit-C,Zinc and Magnesium supplements.And I took lots of steam for every 6 hours.After 3 days I was able to go a bit and I started Nostril breathing i.e pranayama.IT helped me a lot for clearing phlegm and had a good feeling in my body.I used to check my B.P and oxygen level using oximeter for every 6 hrs.I was in constant contact with my cousin doctor.He was monitoring my health status every now and then.

What precautions should be taken?

When your tested positiv with corona virus.It means that virus invades your body and your body need to attack this virus through immune cells.In order to boost up your immune cells you need to boost your immunity by taking immune boosting supplements.Dont try hard exercises dont go out side because your body is combatting with virus and your immune system is very weak and needs rest every now and then.

Please avoid alcohol,smoking and extreme spicy foods.

You will be having lots of phlegm in your lungs which you need to get rid of for this you need to well hydrated.If your severely ill and have other disease you can still combat.Dont lose hope Eat healthy and be positive.This mindset will make feel good.And have your near and dear ones around you.

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