Yes what you read is correct.

My sister turned 26 years had one million in her account.

My sister is one of the studious and hardworking girl.She started working almost when she was 15 years.And my father suggested her to save all the money and deposit the money in a high yield savings account.And invested in a land outside of the city where we live.As you know dont put all eggs in one basket.She took some amount og money bought a new bike for herself as 17 year old and started working as a food delivery man.This yielded much more money in her account.And just fyi we used to live with our parents until 21 :).So she used to give certain amount to my parents for house expenditure..,

And my sister turned 21 years now and the land value got tripled the amount she has invested in and her high yield savings account amount had also increased.This helped her a lot to get a small one room apartment in the city center.She bought the apartment by selling half of the land she bought and all the amount from high yield savings amount.When she turned 24 years their was boom in the housing and land market.She sold it for four times the price she bought now she had 850000 cash after selling her one room apartment.Please make a note she got a free education seat at a university.So she didnot paid any fees for her bachelors.She also had a part time job besides her studies.

She had one part time job and many online jobs this means she had always cash flow and She used to teach online for school kids :)..

Then later she got a full time job as a 25 year old and saved almost 150000..

And bought a 2 room aprtment worth one million with no loan(mortgage)…


Start investing as a teenager and start working as a teenager.Of course you need to spend for your enjoyment too but use the money carefully.

And respect the money and dont over expect that if i have money and if i spend all the money now then i will get it back if i work for 10 hours or one month.But thier is no guarantee what if you have exam and no time to work what if you lose your job remember what if principle…

I believe that saving money is one of the formula to follow to reach your financial goal..


Always have two jobs in your hand.

One full time and one part time.

I hope this gives you more encouragement for your financial goal and in achieving financial goal.



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I am a mother,Employee and I love writing.I am living with my family in Scandinavia.I would like to share my daily experiences and my stories through writing.